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Bahama Kid's Full Face Mask Snorkel

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Bring your little ones along for the adventure with this full-face integrated mask and snorkel for kids. The full-face design is an excellent choice for children as it permits them to breathe more naturally, using both nose and mouth. You will be able to share with them the wonders of the underwater world thanks to the Bahamas incredible field of view. A gas-filled silicone skirt creates a tight seal around your face to prevent any leaks and ensure an enjoyable snorkelling experience. The Bahama is made to fit children as young as 4.

A dry-top snorkel prevents water from entering as you dive, while a purge valve makes it easy to clear water that inadvertently does enter. The Bahama has everything needed to create lasting underwater memories with your kids.


  • Polycarbonate lens

  • Anti-fog system

  • Dry snorkel system

  • Gas-filled silicone skirt

  • Extended snorkel length

  • Easy adjustment straps

  • Drainage valves

  • Elastic head strap

  • Allows natural breathing through nose and mouth