EVA Backband

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The EVA Backband merges the best of the hardshell kayaking world and packrafting. Made from molded EVA foam the backband is rigid but provides excellent comfort. It also features a small pocket on the back for a snack or repair kit. The EVA Backband is engineered to provide adjustability, back support and comfort to the paddler. It is especially beneficial in whitewater situations as it allows the paddler to more fully engage with the boat.

NOTE: The Compression Straps (Set of 2) are multi-purpose and act as the support straps for the EVA Backband when on water or packing straps off the water. 

The EVA Backband is included with the Rogue Spraydeck, Nirvana Self-Bailing, Nirvana Spraydeck, Recon Self-Bailing, and Twain.