Delta Deck Pack

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Have everything you need for the day at your fingertips with the new Kokopelli Delta Deck-pack. Designed to go on the front of your Kokopelli Packraft or Inflatable Kayak, you can easily fit drinks, a map, your cell phone, and other day trip essentials.

This is easily installed. Begin by loosening the 4 mil-spec nylon straps on your deck pack. Place on the front of your packraft with the small pocket / wide end facing you. Clip in each of the four carabiners to your front four d-rings. Begin by tightening the front two straps evenly and then tighten the rear two straps evenly.

Note: You can adjust the position of the deck pack such that it is further to the nose or closer to your body.

  • Weight: 1.39lb / 632g
  • Dimensions: Wedge-shaped 17 to 10 inches by 10 inches. 3 inches deep.
  • Volume: 6.6 liters
  • Material: 210d TPU-Nylon
  • Waterproof Zippers with Zipcare
  • Two Interior Zippering Mesh Pockets.
  • One exterior 8 inch tizip pocket.
  • Large 3-sided tizip allows the bag to open up more easily.
  • Aluminium Ultralight Carabiners with adjustable web straps
    Integrates With All Packrafts and Kokopelli Kayaks.
    Warranty: 3 year